Protecting Your Website Against Cyber Threats

September 21, 5:30pm, EDT - 6:00pm, EDT

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
2425 Sidney St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


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Refreshments will be served!


WordPress is the #1 platform for website development, yet it's also the #1 target for cyber attacks. These attacks cause a lot of time, money, access and information.


Every website regardless of its purpose or size is a target for hackers. They aren't just looking for financial data; they are looking for control and a place to put malware. It is estimated that up to 73% of compromised sites contain a 'backdoor' for future hacker access.


Mark Bursic, Founder and President of Critical Syntax, has worked developing and securing sites for over 13 years. As a cyber security expert, Mark has seen first-hand the hacking attempts targeted at both high profile and low-traffic web sites. Mark will be giving concrete advice on how to protect your WordPress site, keeping it secure for your organization.


Topics Include:

· Why WordPress sites are insecure

· Simple tricks for better password security

· Five ways to shut out hackers

· What to do to keep your site secure in the future