Vision 2025

September 8, 12:00pm, EDT - 6:00pm, EDT

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
2425 Sidney Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


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Join the Western Pennsylvania HIMSS Chapter Thursday, September 8 for a half day of networking and discussion about the role of information technology in the future of healthcare.

Registration begins at 12:00
The day will end at 6:00

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12:00pm – 12:30pm



12:30pm – 12:45pm

Jenny Sabol and Sean O’Rourke

Welcome and Overview


Scott Zasadil Ph.D.  Chief Scientist, UPMC Health Plan

“The Emerging Power of Healthcare



Jeff Fallon, President North America, One View Healthcare Inc

“Patient Engagement: A Global Strategy
for Performance Improvement in Healthcare





• Steven M. Handler MD, PhD CMD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer(CMIO) for UPMC Community Provider Services(CPS) Division

• Tracy M.  Polak, CRNP, MSN, Director of Business Development and Healthcare Policy for Curavi Health Inc. 

• April L. Kane, MSW, LSW, Project Co-Director of the RAVEN project

“Using IT to Reduce Hospital Admissions from Nursing



• Marianne McConnell, CNIO UPMC                  

• Rich Ong, CIO, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Erie      

• David Rich MD, FAAP CMIO & Associate

Chief Medical Officer, Excela Health               

• Group Discussion                                                 

“Future Challenges in Healthcare IT”



Networking and Refreshments



Event Highlights:

 “The Emerging Power of Healthcare Analytics”
 Scott Zasadil, Ph.D. Chief Scientist, UPMC Health Plan

 Healthcare organizations are challenged to use data analytics tools effectively to maximize the value of
 the data collected from multiple sources. Dr. Zasadil will share UPMC’s approach to
 data analytics, discussing the challenges, objectives and results of UPMC. Dr. Zasadil will
 clarify the limitations and value of data analytics in the healthcare infrastructure. Following his speech
 there will be a question and answer session.


 “Patient Engagement: A Global Strategy for Performance Improvement in Healthcare Today”
 Jeff Fallon, Former President US, One View Healthcare an HIT company

 Mr. Fallon will discuss the concept of interactive patient systems. He will provide examples of the
 economic and clinical benefits of patient engagement. Mr. Fallon will also discuss the future demand for
 IT professionals created by the use of technology such as interactive patient
 engagement systems.


 “Using IT to Reduce Hospital Admissions from Nursing Homes”
 Panel Discussion: Dr. Steven Handler, MD, PhD, CMD, Tracy Polak CRNP, MSN, April Kane, MSW, LSW

 Nursing facility residents account for a significant portion on overall Medicare spending. Partly due to the relatively high rates of hospitalization. Research indicates that approximately 45% of these hospitalizations can be avoided. This panel will discuss both technical and clinical reforms and solutions that improve patient and economic outcomes.


 “Emerging Challenges in Healthcare IT”
 Panel Discussion: Marianne McConnell, CNIO, Rich Ong, CIO St Vincent’s Hospital Erie, David Rich MD,

 This panel will discuss many of the challenges that arise within healthcare organizations as the use of electronic health records matures.  Information system implementation and IT adoption issues evolve with this growth requiring IT to achieve higher levels of user satisfaction, information security and flexibility.